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Bringing you the best coffee around

At The Watermill, we pull out all the stops to deliver the very best food and drink we can to your table. Some of our ingredients come from a long way away, courtesy of incredible partners like Paddy & Scott’s. We get our sustainable coffee beans from this independent UK supplier, who are just as passionate about flavour and quality as we are. From espressos to iced lattes, all the coffees on our menu throw up notes of dried fruits, nuts and chocolate for a rich, smooth finish. You can also add a sweet touch to anything on our hot drinks menu with a shot of vanilla or salted caramel.

Crafted - Drinks - Bartender making a Iced Latte

The fairest form of trade

What sets Paddy & Scott’s apart is their support for sustainable coffee growers around the world. Not only do they provide us with delicious brews, they also back community projects in Brazil, Vietnam and Ethiopia. As co-owners of the Muchomba coffee farm in Kenya, they ensure more of the profits go to the farmers. Their Fairer Trade 2.0 approach also supports the local school with refurbishments and meals for the kids. We think it’s pretty amazing that you can support these wonderful causes simply by ordering a mocha or a macchiato at The Watermill.